The Wyrd Sisters

Charly McCreary
A Rowan Tree Church priestess and managing director of the Cabiri, a world-famous ritual theater group performing since 1999, Charly brings over 14 years of ritual creation to the Wyrd Sisters. She is also a founder of the Anunnaki Project, a nonprofit seeking to preserve elder mythologies.

Genevieve Williams
Leader of the Hellenic devotional group Wild Gods and founding member of a Dionysian thiasos, Genevieve has written and performed ritual theater and personal ceremonies for over 10 years, co-scripting local festivals for groups numbering in the hundreds. She also co-created the Hermes & Hekate Road Show podcast.

Melanie Henry, aka Melanie Fire Salamander
High priestess of Green Star Grove, a Sylvan Tradition coven, for over 10 years and a witch for over 30 years, Melanie has created hundreds of rituals ranging from ritual theater to initiations to handfastings and funerals. She has also read Tarot professionally and was editor-in-chief of Widdershins, the pagan newspaper serving Seattle 1995–2007.

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