The Wyrd Sisters

Cyndie-Lea Wang
Former pastor of the nondenominational pagan church Our Lady of the Earth and Sky (OLOTEAS) and a member of the OLOTEAS church council for 9 years, Cyndie-Lea has written numerous large public rituals and created countless sacred spaces. She is an initiate of the Sean Ciall line of witchcraft and has circled with many local pagan groups.

Genevieve Williams
Leader of the Hellenic devotional group Wild Gods and founding member of a Dionysian thiasos, Genevieve has written and performed ritual theater and personal ceremonies for over 10 years, co-scripting local festivals for groups numbering in the hundreds. She also co-created the Hermes & Hekate Road Show podcast.

Melanie Henry, aka Melanie Fire Salamander
High priestess of Green Star Grove, a Sylvan Tradition coven, for over 12 years and a witch for over 30 years, Melanie has created hundreds of rituals ranging from ritual theater to initiations to handfastings and funerals. She has also read Tarot professionally and was editor-in-chief of Widdershins, the pagan newspaper serving Seattle 1995–2007.

Charly McCreary
(Now on sabbatical.) A Rowan Tree Church priestess and managing director of the Cabiri, a world-famous ritual theater group performing since 1999, Charly brings over 15 years of ritual creation to the Wyrd Sisters. She is also a founder of the Anunnaki Project, a nonprofit seeking to preserve elder mythologies.

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