Past events

In Your Wildest Dreams
November 2018
For our sixth event, we used dreamwork and the help of the wild to create a better future. (Photo M. Wilson)

Trees and frosty grass

To See a World
November 2017
In our fifth event, we meditated upon and put together a magic to call in the healed world.

A Magic Big Enough
November 2016
For our fourth event, we co-created ritual asking Hekate Soteira for a magic big enough for global change.


Stories at the End of the World
November 2015
In our third event, co-created by attendees based on Tarot trumps, we faced the end of the world and then told our stories about the confrontation.


Sweet Madness: Courting Divine Inspiration
September 2014
Our second event, dedicated to Aphrodite, Dionysos, Pan, the Muses, the nymphs, and aligned spirits, pursued divine madness and sought for each person a muse or tutelary spirit.

Lit Altar

Stepping into Darkness: An Underworld Journey
November 2013
Our first mini-festival was an initiatory journey to the Great Below, with workshops on dreamwork, psychic self-defense, working with dark spirits, and traveling with Inanna.

Parting Sunlight

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