Past events

At the Crossroads
November 2019
At the crossroads, for our seventh event, we worked with shadow and asked for wisdom for these times. (Photo M. LaBelle)

Hekate altar

In Your Wildest Dreams
November 2018
For our sixth event, we used dreamwork and the help of the wild to create a better future. (Photo M. Wilson)

Trees and frosty grass

To See a World
November 2017
In our fifth event, we meditated upon and put together a magic to call in the healed world.

A Magic Big Enough
November 2016
For our fourth event, we co-created ritual asking Hekate Soteira for a magic big enough for global change.


Stories at the End of the World
November 2015
In our third event, co-created by attendees based on Tarot trumps, we faced the end of the world and then told our stories about the confrontation.


Sweet Madness: Courting Divine Inspiration
September 2014
Our second event, dedicated to Aphrodite, Dionysos, Pan, the Muses, the nymphs, and aligned spirits, pursued divine madness and sought for each person a muse or tutelary spirit.

Lit Altar

Stepping into Darkness: An Underworld Journey
November 2013
Our first mini-festival was an initiatory journey to the Great Below, with workshops on dreamwork, psychic self-defense, working with dark spirits, and traveling with Inanna.

Parting Sunlight

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