A magic big enough


Hekate Soteira, of the three worlds, key bearer, night wanderer,
hear your supplicants.

The world is pretty broken these days. Human people are dying senselessly—people we know, people we don’t know, people we care about. Nonhuman people are dying, whole species, hundreds a year. We work to fix this every way we can, but sometimes we feel powerless.

How can we make our magic big enough to heal the world?

Friday, November 11 to Sunday, November 13, 2016, we ask Hekate, goddess of magic, to tell us. Our honored guests will work with the Wyrd Sisters to create ritual based on Hekate’s symbols. Dreamwork and divination will support the work.

Just added: A workshop on the intersection of polytheism and social justice by Syren Nagakyrie.

Click here for registration info, and to register!
Early bird price through September 30.



Third-century CE statue of Hekate, Antalya Museum, Turkey
Moon photo by Nick D. under a Creative Commons license

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