In your wildest dreams


The wild is dreaming for us.

The wild holds a future for us, desiring and creating a change that still can come. Spirits of the land, animals, trees, fungi, spirits from the past have tales they want to tell us. The nonhuman world wants to survive the Anthropocene too.

Building on the magic of our past retreats, we come together to dream for a better future.

In this sixth Wyrd Sisters event, with our honored guests, we’ll build ritual from dream, with the help of the wild, seeking the healed world.

Friday, November 9, to Sunday, November 11, 2018

Registration is closed.


Moon photo by Nick D. under a Creative Commons license
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6 thoughts on “In your wildest dreams

  1. This year I can make it and need to!

  2. Ricardo Vargas says:

    Hi! It think I received a confirmation email but I can not seem to find it. Did you confirm my application to attend this year’s “In your wildest dreams” event?

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